Best free fonts keyboards for iPhone

Best free fonts keyboards for iPhoneWhy would one need an app with new fonts?

We all use our gadgets for fun and brighter enjoyment of life, not only for urgent tasks or official communication. But did you know that users still remain conservative in some regards?

Using boring typical fonts is one of such annoying old habits we’re all stuck in. Don’t you want to enjoy your iPhone more? After all, it was meant to be the most modern and unique device! Continue reading

10 reasons to change your fonts right now

10 reasons to change your fonts right nowJust a few years ago, we didn’t care much about changing the fonts on our smartphones and were happy with what we had. But now, it’s another ultra-modern feature we don’t want to miss.

Why would we need to spend time on the app downloading and extra settings? Are there particular advantages that would be enjoyable and helpful for us if we change the fonts? Continue reading

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