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Best Robot font styles for techno designs and headlines

With the development of technologies, electronic innovations, and blogs dedicated to these particular topics, the special robotic fonts have started to appear. There are currently hundreds of them.

If to describe them visually and categorize, most of them can be called weird fonts and the rest make the impression of the cool fonts. Only somelook like retro pixel fonts, but with the certain nuances.very simple tips

Here are a few ideas and hints on how to make your font look robotic, or how to make sure the letters you’re choosing are of the robot style. You won’t get confused with these very simple tips.

  • Big cubes and 3D Black letters. Very often, huge and massive black fonts, sometimes shadowed, are chosen for the robotic or electro styled texts in top blogs and messengers.
  • Geometric alphabet with extra shapes. If some dots, circles, little cubes, triangles etc. are added to the letters to make them look cooler, it gives them the robotic look as well.
  • Unfinished or stamp-looking. When big letters also look incomplete or stamped, stencil-imitating, it’s a sign of the robot fonts. Such technical effects are typical for this style.
  • Messed shape and polygonal lines. The letters divided on sections or with a messy shape, do look robotic and weird in a way. They are perfect for all computer or space topics.
  • Electro watches numbers. Symbols that imitate the shape of digital numbers in electronic watches, make the most robotic impression and also can be categorized as retro fonts.Robot font styles

These 5 kinds of typefaces basically fully describe the robotic letters and help the beginners recognize them. Best font designers create new techno styles basing on these most typical robot shapes too.


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