How exactly fonts and texting affect our mood?

cool fontsWhy calligraphy fonts have an impact on us

The majority of us are visual people. We perceive the information in a visual way, and that is partially why we spend so much time on our gadgets. But there is also subconscious info.
Good admen and marketers know about that and use different symbols with a special meaning in the logos and videos promotions of all kinds. There are many researches on how they affect us.
We can feel down or happy, inspired or discouraged, motivated to urgently purchase something just due to this hidden impact. But, can it also be said about the fonts we use?
Psychologists say when combined with certain backgrounds, cool fonts are affecting our minds a lot. It can be easily checked on examples of the online book or the blog reading.
The travel bloggers who advertise certain services or trip destinations, try to colour their essays light-blue while the font can be dark blue and cursive. That creates the most romantic impression.
The same thing wedding blogs do. They may add some grey pretending it’s silver, and some pinkish too. The cursive fonts remain there through, since they are perceived as festive elements.
But you won’t find the same style on the dark news sites, heavy metal musical blogs, and so on. Both the background and fonts should be appropriate for the overall atmosphere.
Gothic fonts, in particular, are extremely popular. They are considered ones of the coolest by teenagers, singers who have blogs, architects, designers, and so on.
Little girls’ mothers, meanwhile, when buying the first iPhone to them, make sure there is an app that provide cute fonts and funny emoji. They set some cute background for texting as well.
Now just think of old people who are usually in need of big-sized fonts, very plain and classical. Their tired and slow mind operates with them in the best way.
So why is that we set up the most beautiful fonts and heart-shaped backgrounds when we text to someone we love? Does it make us more hopeful in our romantic communication?
In fact, specialists say it does excite us extra when we use love fonts and colours, but using them also increases the negative effect in case we broke up with the person we corresponded with.
Basically, it happens because visual people are sensitive to visual illusions, and the font change or background change are helping to create such an illusion and be adsorbed with it.


The role texting and sexting play in our lives

The technology took over decades ago, and texting unnoticeably replaced to us all other kinds of communication. We can make a phone call of course, but we’re often too busy for that.
While texting can be done in between of any activities, in any people’s presence, it has a pleasant secretive side and brings the feeling of being constantly needed by someone.
Psychologists say, though, that visual perception definitely isn’t everything we need for a full-fledged interaction and satisfaction. It is quite sterile without tactile sensations, the sound of voice, or mimics.
However, not everyone uses texting for virtual flirting or virtual sex with strangers. More often, sexting is used as an extra communication between two real partners.calligraphy fonts
Of course, in this case, it is accompanied with real sensations and even strengthens the everyday relationship, but at the same time, can harm them if there’s no reasonable balance.
It warms up the relationship a lot if to ask questions like, what you wear now? Or promise nice surprises to each other tonight. But if virtual sex takes the most part of the day, it turns harmful.
The statistics show such couples start losing the sense of responsibility for their real daily duties, such as earning money, household chores, or looking after other family members.
As more reddish and font awesome fonts or backgrounds the person uses, the more distracted from reality she or he becomes. It’s much healthier to use pale and neutral fonts or backgrounds.


The role of texting in our business life

Not only teenagers love cool fonts and texting, adults use it for self-presentation or cheering themselves up at work, as well. There are many ways to implement it.
It became totally common to exchange important files and urgent tasks by WhatsApp, for example. But there are tricks to avoid the stress in case it takes place.
It is noticed in a modern business world, that people use cool fonts and nice backgrounds for chatting with a colleague they like, yet funny fonts and crazy backgrounds for a boss they hate.
People who like staying professional in every little detail connected with their career, set up very stylish fonts and elegant trendy backgrounds for their business conversations.beautiful fonts
It came as a surprise that both an intensive care nurse and a well-known criminalist interviewed by researchers, confessed they use animated fonts and funny yellow backgrounds to reduce the stress.
While many people involved into the entertainment industry, were found to use the most boring and typical fonts on their iPhones just because they didn’t care about that part.
By their own words, they felt the need to get rest from the funny staff, and wanted just to remain in complete silence during their time off. So they never used extra features of their gadgets.
There is much more evidence on how fonts and texting affect our everyday mood, self-esteem, and even actions, so this topic is yet to be investigated further.