How to change font in Telegram

Telegram fotnsTelegram is one of the most loved apps for its proven security, simplicity of use, and many helpful features. It is extremely popular both for professional and personal communication.

For many, it comes as a surprise that Telegram usage can be made more entertaining. For now, however, it doesn’t offer a wide assortment of emoji or cool fonts built-in.

Luckily, downloading of font changers and generators as separate applications, helps to chose from a big variety of fancy fonts and make the communication process more enjoyable.

Since Telegram settings allow to pick any theme depending on your mood or needs, additional font application may help you to adjust the font for this particular theme.

Oreo SexyRed theme, for example, as one of the most popular ones, fits perfectly to Gothic fonts, Vintage fonts, Kittycat fonts, Romantic fonts, or others of a similar kind.

If to enable animations, and tap a new paint button that appears after changing the theme and the fonts, one can fully adjust the application for his taste and current needs.

It’s important, however, to save all changes and one’s new customized style after adjusting, otherwise, they will be lost. Another style can be chosen again at any moment.change fonts

Cool fonts can be accompanied with stickers, gifs, and new masks or skins. All that can be found among the Telegram basic settings. The animation of gifs can be turned off to save traffic.

Although these extra features may seem completely informal and suitable for friendly conversations only, they are successfully and daily used in corporative discussions and mass congrats.

Each Personal Assistant, in particular, is advised to study all these extra features of Telegram and the fonts styles along with all other apps he/she is operating with, for a better performance online.