How to chose the best fonts for WhatsApp

best fonts for WhatsAppThe leader among messengers, WhatsApp is a great solution for not-so-secretive everyday talks. We need it for romantic chatting, for files exchange at work, for any kind of picture exchange.

The developers of WhatsApp are constantly working on enhancing its safety level and adding new features. As a result, it provides necessary tools for creative and imaginative texting of all kinds.

Unlike some other popular messengers where only basic, bold, italic, strikethrough, or colourful fonts are available, WhatsApp suggests much more options and font styles to its users.

Just like in Microsoft Word or other text editing programs, one can change fonts in WhatsApp right after typing his message, by marking it and choosing another style, FixedSys means by default.

Three backticks typed on the beginning of your sentence, are going to change the font as well. But it’s not a fancy decorative style for sure, and it isn’t understood who would need it and for what.font styles

The more helpful option is changing the font size. We may need a smaller size when our eyes are tired, or a smaller one when let’s say our co-worker is trying to read our private chats and interfere.

However, for anything more fun like sending coloured words or framed letters and numbers, it is suggested to download an extra application or copy the desired text from the outward sources.Fonts Pro app

Well, all famous messengers have their flaws, and we can only wait until they are corrected. There’s no need to limit yourself though, so download the Fonts Pro app or a similar platform you like.

800+ fonts for messengers are available there for free, and hundreds of new fonts are being constantly added. It’s really a good solution for someone who likes to be creative and unpredictable.