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Instagram fonts generators – change fonts with top 5 apps

Instagram fonts generatorsWhy use modern fonts generators?

Instagram became a social network app number one in 2019, and it will keep its positions in 2020. It motivates us to be cool, creative, and unique, no matter what we do and who we are.

Professionals promote products on Instagram with the help of cool posters and bright fonts. Photographers need unusual fonts for decorating their works. Their profit depends on that.

On another side, amateurs also love changing their fonts for a better effect. Those are teenagers, students, young musicians and designers beginners, all of them want some diversity.

Nowadays, likes and befriending on social networks is a new kind of social appreciation which we keenly need as humans. This is how new cool fonts are helping to express yourself!

This high demand resulted in a big number of Instagram fonts generators, and our experts composed the top list of the best ones, suitable both for amateur users and professionals.

Fonts Pro

Fonts Pro app is a perfect tool with great stylish keyboards for Instagram. It can be used for free, and is just as simple as one hoped for. It’s compatible with all other apps and messengers as well.

Although developed and launched only recently, it quickly grew super popular even among elderly Instagram users and youngest kids. Simplicity is a key of success in our times of high progress.fontsprokeyboard

Fonts Pro offers 150+ creative keyboards for free, 200+ themes allowing you to personalize your virtual space, even more cool emoji and stickers. First reviews are very positive and encouraging.

Although the market of generated fonts is huge already, this particular app is very promising in all regards. It gives all opportunities for amazing and attractive texting or animating.

The most important, Fonts Pro allows to realize and use all possible features of Instagram instead of limiting yourself by its basic options only. And opening a full potential is always good.


Fontello is a really powerful online tool many graphic designers took a part in. It allows to use various icons, awesome fonts, pictograms, and symbols at ease. That is what many people need.

All of that can be either copied and pasted or downloaded from the page. Many of those images are useful for Instagram and other social networks, as well as chats and messengers.fontello

Not only the platform is free, but also it gives the opportunities to earn something by participating in the project. As a minimum, one would advertise his name by adding his own fonts.


IcoMoon app is a famous platform for professional designers and bloggers. For sure, it is used by all other groups of Internet users as well, since it’s quite intuitive and user-friendly.

The database of icons, symbols, fonts is absolutely huge and counts on thousands. Of course, such a graphical giant couldn’t function for free. However, they give a money back guarantee.IcoMoon

Premium mode allows to synchronize with the cloud, use quick links, host your own icons and fonts, update icon sets easily, and so on. Basic features are available with the Standard mode.

Since the app is so trendy and obviously serious, it is mostly appreciated by freelancers, corporations, students specialized in graphic design. That’s why it is also widely advertised online.

Instagram users typically use IcoMoon if they’re professional in any field: photography, modelling, online services. It’s their way to show people they’re serious in their activities.


FontChanger is a well-known font generator online that can be used by any amateur. It is absolutely loved by teenagers since there’s no other simpler tool for Instagram font changing.

One sentence or a bigger text can be typed in the left window, and it will be instantly transformed into many variations of another style on the right, from funny fonts to beautiful ones.FontChanger

These awesome fonts are typically used for creating the Instagram bio, unusual Tweets and Facebook posts, or for any other daily purposes. This tool is widely discussed by the users.

It’s a number one font tool for kiddies too. If parents are afraid of harmful ads or other inappropriate stuff on typical font change apps, this problem is completely absent here.

By adding this page into the list of favourites on your child’s device, you can be sure nothing will go wrong and a young user will express his creativity without any preoccupations or obstacles.

In a new era when a newborn or a puppy already have their own Instagram account lead by their caretakers, funny fonts and romantic fonts became especially loved and needed.

There are also links to similar services such as Emoji translator, Unicode, and Fancy text generator. The author encourages to try all of them in order to create unique texts and designs.



OnlineFontConverter is a tool all students use. It is designed specially for youth which becomes obvious while reviewing the main page. It is very bright and entertaining.

The first thing user has to do, is to chose the format they need. Then comes selecting fonts, and one can drop the file in a special window. It’s a one hundred percent free font service.OnlineFontConverter

However, there is a subscription plan that makes usage even easier involving the Multi Cloud, and other extra services. The platform is open for cooperation, critics, and creative ideas.

It is well-seen though the project is still on the stage of development, but luckily, there are Frequently asked questions on the main page. There is everything about formats, fonts, and mimetypes.