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Top 4 reasons to use the Circle font in the most effective way

The circle fonts are fun and original enough for any popular blogger who specializes on the entertaining stuff. They are great for logos too though, and can be categorized as thebest fonts awesome.

Therefore, they perfectly serve the romantic blogs, greeting cards, souvenir calendars, certificates, and kids products promotion. The positive vibrations are expressed the best with them.

Visually, these letters are indeed surrounded by the little circles which looks cute and unusual. However, by statistics, the girls bloggers consider these fonts too childish and prefer the curly ones.

Creative circle fonts

The circle letters look really creative if extra elements are added to the circle: the flame symbol, stars, dots, cogs, etc. In this case, circle fonts are chosen by top designers and bloggers more willingly.

Round circle fonts

It happens that letters have a completely round shape without extra decorations. For instance, Rebecca font, Gear Box, and so on. Those are rather weird fonts chosen for special purposes.Creative circle fonts

Composed of mini-circles

The letters made of tiny circles such as Malache Crunch, Lynx BRC, are also called circle fonts. They are categorized as funny fonts, or in certain cases, fancy fonts, and used for creative blogging.

A little hint from specialists, try this typeface for promoting your sportive goods and services. For example, for the promotion of the new gym opening. It’ll make the best impression then.

Exotic design solutions

The most enigmatic and unique circle fonts are developed by the brave designers for decorative texts and headings. These typefaces are usually almost non-readable but extremely striking and cool.

Take a look at the Code of Life font, Nucleus or PF Scircle-1. One cannot apply them in plain daily posts and messages, but they’re greatly appropriate for all artistic and unusual purposes.




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