Top new fonts and emoji for teenage sexting

hand emojiMiddle-aged people keep on using classical fonts and just around ten basic emoji, but teenagers will always be ahead with their futuristic demands and a quest for new adventures.

It’s not a secret that some of the emoji are used in sexual context and for passing sexual messages. When a teenager is too young, it shall be disturbing for parents, but it’s ok for older teens.

The eggplant, banana, chicken, corn, or rocket emoji are used to depict the male excitement. The joystick or plug emoji mean something more though, when the physical contact is involved.

The tiger that recalls a pussycat, honey pot, and flower mean female intimate part, while donut, peach, all moons, and chestnut emoji often refer to anal sex or simply a nice butt.

Pointed finger and okay hand emoji together mean intercourse, as well as a hot-dog. After these intense discoveries, it doesn’t really matter which emoji are used for depicting female breasts.

Anyways, did you know that fonts can also have a sexual meaning? With nearly a thousand of kinds in the most progressive applications, it doesn’t sound odd. Yes, they can be symbolic!rocket emoji

So which fonts can be called sexy? Glamorous-looking; diabolic-looking; hand-written and girly; very curvy and flowerly; or those with big letters combined with human silhouettes.

All of that and more can be found on special font changer applications such as Font Pro and others. The newer the app is, the bigger is guarantee you’ll find new sexy and cool fonts.basic emoji

With such amazing tools as emoji and fonts, the photo exchange isn’t even needed anymore, especially for those who wants to keep their messaging creative and secretive enough.

Makes it perfect for young Romeos and Juliets who are sexting in between their college essays or during other activities, as well as for mature people in love.