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Top things you didn’t know about using the small font

It may seem the small font is less popular, but only when you don’t know its effectiveness. It can play a big role in your texts and bring you much more attention than you ever expected.

Famous bloggers and font specialists remind not to underestimate it from the point of information organizing. Here are some of the hints where to use the small font daily.

  • Hidden confession. If you’re still shy to tell about your feelings, type about less important stuff but add your confession written in a small font. It’s very cute!
  • Formal notifications. The Copyright notification and other warnings are often written with small letters in order to just let people take it into consideration without anxiety.
  • Using less space. It happens that our messages, posts, or documents need to look brief and compressed. The small font helps to keep it brief and save the space.small font
  • Tutorial sections. There are always more important and less important parts of the tutorial, be it technical or humanitarian one. Certain sections have the small font.
  • Elements of design. Small symbols are absolutely perfect for decorating the background or the image. Students and book authors use them in greeting cards.
  • Whispering a secret. With our virtual texts, we communicate and pass the information just like in real life. The small font is an analogue of whispering things into one’s ear.
  • Invitation details. When you invite someone to a party or event, you need to inform about the dress code or the list of items to bring. The small font is exactly for that.
  • Getting intimate. In any text, there are parts for everyone’s eyes and part for one person only. You can mask such playful words by typing them in small letters.

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