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Official postcards and greetings

Tatoo font

The company site, logo, and docs


Old English font, also known as blackletter, is presented in all keyboards and cool font apps. It’s rather classical, although used only in certain situations and by certain categories of users.

It has a long history from being placed on English coins to becoming popular in German designs and newspapers as Fraktur and Schwabacher print typefaces in the not so far past.

That’s probably why it is considered high-style and very demanding. No one would just chat with old English font or post something non-substantial with it, for fun and entertainment.

One of elite kinds of fonts and somewhat close to the Gothic style, it is indeed chosen for special occasions and for the decorative purposes. It’s not just a cheap and careless type of decoration.

Official postcards and greetings

Old English font is absolutely perfect for congratulating a business partner or for the wedding invitation. These official yet joyful events are the best examples of these fonts usage.

The combination of formal style and festive mood is the most appropriate for selecting it. As users say, it’s a powerful tool for creating a prestigious atmosphere and impression when needed.

It results in a better business communication and a harmonious interaction with relatives who feel like the VIP guests. This font is used in all kinds of formal invitations, not only for the wedding.

Big corporative parties and gatherings, business seminars and festivals, official Birthday and Christmas gatherings, for all these aims old English font is a key solution, proven by time.

To raise their rating and popularity, designers make all business announcements in this style, companies post their job offers, and the first class specialists advertise themselves in this style.

Today when Linkedin is connected to workers’ Instagram and Twitter, it makes sense to keep the same business style in all social networks. Old English font is the number one helper in that.English best fonts

Tatoo font

Old English font is one of the most frequently used styles for tattoo texts. It’s certainly because this font is so stylish and a bit similar to Gothic. People with a good taste like it.

Only high-rated and respected tattoo masters are using these best fonts for their advertisement online and offline, as well as for the promo works. The analysis of the tattoo market shows that.

The lower rated saloons may prefer the rock style or heavy metal style for their works on clients. To summarize, old English font is a sign of the higher quality of the tattoo artist or designer.

The company site, logo, and docs

This purpose is closely connected with the first one, formal invitations and business offers. It’s clear that, if companies choose the old English font for the greetings, they’ll like it for the rest too.

Indeed, this style helps to look finer for potential customers and investors. Being used in the site texts and documents design, official blogs and group messengers, it proves the firm is serious.

As a part of the logo, it is neutral enough yet attractive visually. Just one of several simple symbols need to be added to the text for creating the positive impression on the viewers.

Regarding the documents, this style is certainly recommended for the samples and presentations, as well as for the blog headings. It’s not suitable for daily documents themselves.

“We didn’t succeed in our self-promotion until we changed the fonts on the site”, Sarah Jones from Connecticut says. “Specialists suggested the old English font for our main page, and it worked.

We also create the group chats for workers where this best font for business is used, and included it to our logo lately. It indeed affects positively the public response to our Instagram posts.

Being curious about this effect, I asked the psychologist specialized in visual perceptions and she told me the old English font is associated by most of clients with reliability and success.

After such an impressive comment, I recommend it to other companies even more confidently, and make sure to prepare my big presentations with its help from now”.

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