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Block letter font and where to use it: most unique tool

There are strong fonts for strong people. Indeed, the block letter font is frequently used for showing the authority of a person or a big organization. Although those are just the symbols.

The publishers, motivational bloggers, and news presenters know this font style is the shortest way to increasing the audience or gaining respect. It’s the case when fonts and content equally matter.

Of course, such massive symbols are rarely used for the text itself, unless it’s an entertaining information for kids. More typically, block letter font is used for eye-catching, powerful headlines.

The main quality that characterizes this font, is solidity. With its help, the electronic newspaper will look solid, the design studio will look solid, and any company site will be as well.

But block letter font is also great for posters. If you keep some forum and enjoy making important announcements for the members, exactly these symbols will serve your needs most perfectly.

It’s not so common to use them in chats though. If two buddies are playing and killing time, they can try any fonts of course, but it would be more appropriate for keeping the kids’ attention.strong fonts

So, block letter font is in favour among the teachers of younger pupils who create the groups in various messengers. These big signs indeed fit in the informational field and help to focus well.

Now, which fonts can be called of the Block letter style? There are too many alternatives nowadays. Arial Black is a very classical kind of this font, most basic and the easiest to find online.

  • Matiz is just great for short and big headings, so huge it is. But it also looks fun
  • Higher is more suitable for business or some elite magazines, it’s rather high-end
  • Advent Pro is a super stylish block letter font mostly used by designers and bloggers
  • Knewave is totally made for the graffiti lovers and blogs for kids, extremely colourful
  • GreatLakes is a must-have for all trendy bloggers, it’s very elegant and modern
  • Freshman is a choice of many designers and promoters, so nice and eye-catching it is
  • Coolvetica is less intense and more fun, it’s cool enough even for the teenage blogs
  • Chunk is for brave bloggers who prefer to use the poster style and old newspaper style
  • Blackout is chosen by brave and progressive authors and the saloon owners as well
  • Age is a typically decorative font good for the tattoo texts and the companies logos

As it’s easy to see, the variety of block letter fonts is really impressive. The long list of them can go on and on. That’s why this style is so popular and common among social network users.

It’s the simplest way to express yourself in blogs and group messengers, to create the greeting cards with some urgent or shocking information, or to prove your project is really solid enough.

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