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Bold Italic font: the dos and don’ts of this most intense style

If you like expressing yourself in a simple yet noticeable manner, bold italic font is exactly for you. It became so common that all text tool panels are always including it to the basic font style list.

Emphasized text

Bold and italic fonts are used for emphasizing of the text separately. There should be either bold or italic. But sometimes it’s appropriate to use both on the same piece of text, to create contrast.

Since it’s a double effect, specialists advise to only use it rarely. Otherwise, the text looks visually heavy and cannot be perceived well by the audience, regardless of the age and other characteristics.

Informal docs and articles

Bold italic looks great in entertaining articles and headings, but not in academic or neutrally official ones. One should study additionally whether he should apply bold or italic for each style.

At the same time, bloggers and advertisers adore this combination. Bold italic font is light enough for most of the informal topics yet attention-grabbing and somewhat elegant.

Announcements in the group chats

Although not fun or sexy enough for private chats, bold italic is totally perfect for group chats and all kinds of announcements there. Doesn’t matter if it’s a party, a concert, or fundraising!

However, it is not recommended to use it much in a simple discussion. If it gets too emotional, remember that caps loc or bold italic shouldn’t be applied throughout all the long message. Bold and italic fonts

Bold italic plus underline

Documents of the half-official character, such as office announcements, notifications, door signs, etc., can be emphasized in all three ways: bold, italic, and underline. It’s not common online.

Beginners in HTML formatting and group chats can try this alternative though, but only for up to five words in line. It’s not suitable or visually pleasant for the reader, experts say.

Black fonts and ultra fonts

Some letter styles are even more intense than bold, in their basic form. Those are Arial Black, other black or ultra fonts. It’s enough to make them cursive and they’ll look bold italic.

It’s surely good for headings and subheadings only, in electronic newspapers and blogs of non-official or semi-official character. But it’s too heavy for the chat announcements or real documents.

That’s why professionals recommend semi-bold symbols instead, or moderately intense fonts that can be turned italic. It’s much better for the visual and mental perception by the audience.

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