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Top 10 facts about the cursive letters font that will help your business

Cursive font is used too frequently in people’s daily life and all Internet activities. Yet, many users of apps and generators still seem to not know the history of this best font and top facts about it.

  1. The handwriting principle is in the root of all cursive fonts. It’s also close to Curly and Fancy typeface and includes all possible alternatives of those.
  2. Windows 10 offers 20 Cursive fonts, while there are thousands of them on the font generators.
  3. The closest categories of fonts are Handwriting, Signature, Calligraphy, Script, and curvy styles.
  4. Cursive letters always win the 1st place in the top of elegant and beautiful fonts.
  5. In real handwriting, cursive has been invented in the 8th century in England by a monk.
  6. Cursive font is actively used in official APA style, for example for the titles of larger academic works.
  7. Many writers prefer to type their rough drafts with the cursive font.
  8. By statistics, school children perceive better the material if it’s typed in cursive and not in classical font.
  9. The most famous brands in the world such as Coca Cola, Cadbury, Cadillac, Instagram, chose their logo to be made in cursive fonts.
  10. 99 percent of wedding invitations in the world are composed with one of the cursive fonts.10 facts about the cursive letters font

These 10 facts are showing very well the importance of cursive letters in people’s culture. Somehow, it replaced the real handwriting and remained the golden standard of the style and taste.

Experts and beginners can surely use this knowledge for their business and blogging, as cursive letters shall be called the most eye-catching and positively affecting out of the classy fonts.

Reportedly, this best font used in logos and ads, is indeed money-raising and commercially attractive.

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