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Top 7 reasons to use small text font with the utmost effect

The small text font is also called tiny font, and it has many possible purposes. Reportedly, people are quickly getting used to small fonts as they are very convenient and multi-functional.

It’s a great example that small things shouldn’t be underestimated. Tiny fonts are quite powerful in terms of creating the easy-going or formal atmosphere and impressing someone strongly.

Modern bloggers and text experts are sharing their tips and helping the beginners to raise their writing skills. Here are just some of the reasons to select small fonts for one’s daily needs online.

  1. Make your nickname unique and memorable. Combined with emoticons or without them, small text fonts make one’s Internet name or blog name very recognizable.
  2. Leave comments in a delicate manner. Loud and emphasized comments with Caps Lock can be banned or simply disliked. Small font comments are perceived better.
  3. Respectful or secretive chatting. It’s logical that tiny text letters resemble whispering in a way. Use them while chatting with a busy person or with your secret friend.small text
  4. Art and design signature. The signature or transparent text over your work should be done in small fonts. Choose them for marking your art creation or business offer.
  5. Warnings and references. There are always less significant parts of the text, and small letters are exactly for such cases. Warn the readers or explain things with tiny fonts.
  6. Humorous remarks. It’s double more humorous to add some funny jokes or remarks to the text or image, if you use upside down small fonts, or small caps text fonts.
  7. Academic text, quotes, prescriptions. If scientific analysis or health recommendations are only a part of the article or message, use tiny letter fonts and leave them less seen.

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