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Joker font regular vs alternate Joker fonts: what you need to know?

Joker font has always been popular among the youth and progressive adult bloggers. But without a doubt, it grew more famous and desired after the last film version with Joaquin Phoenix.

There are multiple kinds of it though, each for its own purpose and audience. The basic Joker font differs a lot from its alternatives with somewhat different names, so pay attention.

Gothic Joker

Both Gothic style and Joker personality are of dark type, for sure. But Gothic Joker font looks quite strict, without any special elements, and doesn’t create the kind of mood Joker Regular does.

Joker Straight Letter Light

It’s one of the weird fonts, and it’s most probably used for accompanying the animation, graphic images, other creative design works. It looks handwriting like most of Joker fonts though.

Jokerwild AOE

Super weird yet creative, that is how you would describe this cool font. Thin and dotted, it reflects one’s delicate feelings from romantic uncertainty to severe depression of true Joker.Gothic Joker

Blue Joker

These intense and heavy letters remind the Joker’s laughter. They’re absolutely not suitable for regular texts, only for specific themed headings and parts of the most creative texts.

Joker Size

Much more twisted than regular Joker font, it almost looks unreadable. However, its extreme weirdness makes it highly popular and desired by all kinds of bloggers and designers.

Joker Smiling

This typeface is possibly the closest to the regular lettering, just much curvier and thicker. It’s rather cursive and surely, very cute in a way. Still, bloggers use it for creating the weird impression.

Joker Outline

It’s only logical this kind of font is an exact reflection of classical Joker, just outlined. Whitish letters look much less weird and are often chosen for the entertaining topics and headings.

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