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Cool number fonts: Top 4 best ones and where to use them

Along with the cool fonts that are so popular today, cool number fonts have also placed their special niche in the text market. The main rule for being included into this category is uniqueness.

One could say the bloggers are not using numbers as much as letters in their content or headings. So there’s actually no point to personalize them or search for any available new options.

But that is proved wrong since it’s easy to notice how often numbers become a part of vintage headings, musical bands and events titles, quizzes and quests names, or whatever else of this kind.Cool number fonts

So, the cool number fonts indeed help to keep the original and eye-catching style. This quality is greatly used for posters and posterizing, the cool events promotion, online magazines headings.

It would be weird then if tattoo lovers and artists missed it out. Many modern tattoos are based on the cool number font patterns, some can be easily found on the Internet and chosen from.

  • The Stamp cool number font is one of the most popular and frequently selected. It’s a bit of vintage and historical fleur, so it adds a lot to the heading or tattoo impression.
  • The Victorian cool number font is surely chosen a lot, thanks to its refined and stylish looks. It creates the atmosphere and makes your image or texting much more special.
  • The Old Town cool number font indeed justifies its name with the unique shaping and nostalgic look. It’s another top favourite among many designers and stylish bloggers.
  • The Race Car cool number font should be mentioned because of its unforgettable retro look that’ll melt any alpha male’s heart. For this reason, it’s a leader among others too.

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