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Classical cursive alphabet fonts vs fancy ones: top differences

All alphabet fonts are great for educative blogs and eye-catching headings. Cursive alphabet font is considered the most elegant one. It varies from the strict silhouette to very curvy shapes.

Since it’s so classical and epic, there are too many areas of business and blogging where it can be applied. That’s not so boring though since cursive alphabet letters can also look fancy or cool.

Handwritten alphabet font

This common type is surely cursive but on a top of that, it looks graphically connected and very cute. That’s why it is so great for all blogs promoting cute stuff, from kids menu to short animations.

Katy Perry alphabet font

It’s one of the fancy fonts available out of the cursive alphabet fonts. Pink and girly, it raises the audience’s mood and associates with other fancy cursive letters like Jenna Sue font.

The Dreamer alphabet font

This typeface is must-have for all retro lovers and vintage minded text designers. It resembles the handwriting the most but it also look like it was made with the medium sized artistic brush.alphabet fonts are great

Aspire font

One of the most classical cursive fonts known since a decade now, Aspire is a perfect choice when you want your text look very elegant and refined. No extra curves are present though.

It’s rather simple looking, but the overall impression is high style. Many businesswomen reported they love using it for official greetings or for their products online promotion.

Some Weatz font

This typeface is a great example of beautiful alphabet fonts suitable for weddings and anniversaries, the most festive events or topics. People in love do use it for romantic chatting.

Its curves and loops are quite large so it might be chosen for special occasions only, as well as for elegant headings or most elite business cards.

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