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The most weird Blood font for the younger audience

The Bloody fonts are close to the same category as Joker font, but even scarier. It means, they are suitable for the dark entertainment texts and headings, the creepy content and blogs.

A blood text effect is so easy to reach, there just should be the imitation of dropping liquid from the bottom part of the letters and weird enough typeface along with the reddish colouring.

Yet, it’s a number one choice of various rock music groups promoting themselves, authors of scary stories, progressive designers and kids bloggers who enjoy scary movies or fairytales.

Halloween parties

Halloween is celebrated worldwide with just a little exception. This creepy holiday covers millions of schools and kindergardens, corporative parties, themed autumn festivals, and more.

No wonder the bloody fonts are in such a high demand for all products and services connected with Halloween, greeting cards, souvenirs, costume labels, messenger stickers, and blogs.

Drawing blood

The drawing blood font is one of the scariest ones, ever. It imitates the wall handwriting by a maniac made with blood. It is used for the Panic Room promo and various quests for teens.

Although less artistic than Blood of Dracula and other vintage fonts, it’s quite often downloaded and generated by the users. It comes to messengers and social networks as well.Blood font

Bloody alphabet

The Bloody alphabet is scary in its own way too. It creates the impression that a young boy with mental disorder, kind of Norman Bates, has written those letters out of fresh blood.

They wouldn’t be so popular if not the huge variety of creepy blogs loved by the children and teenagers. It has many alternatives and represents the scary art well, especially when bright scarlet.

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