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Thrasher font popularity then and now: best choice for bloggers

Thrasher is one of the top leaders among fancy fonts perfect for headings and logos. This name actually comes from the famous skateboarding magazine of the 80’s but the typeface appeared earlier.

It is characterized by thick and massive letters that are slightly asymmetric and intentionally unfinished or interrupted. They are straight and non-cursive, no curves or loops are used for decoration.

With such a strict yet weird shape

Thrasher font might serve video games blogs and various rock style titles the best. It looks great when nicely combined with extra effects, like the fire on the top.

The logos with Trasher letters also traditionally use the curvature shape, resembling the sunrise over the horizon. This font and overall image are super popular among the street culture designers.

Using this unique font style is a must for everyone who reflects the hip hop events or skateboard festivals on their Instagram, FB page, or in personal blogs on WordPress and other modern platforms.Thrasher font

Since it’s so impressive and spectacular

Thrasher font is frequently used for all possible decorative and creative purposes from layouts and backgrounds to the main titles and big poster headings.

Although the primary target of this best font was the hip hop youth, it eventually became the symbol of successful commercial use. It is known this way and continues being used in different areas.

Meanwhile, stylish Thrasher letters are chosen the least frequently in messengers, except for themed greeting cards or skateboard posters and events promo. Mind that if you lead the group chats.

In a way, this cool font indicates a good taste of the person or audience, thanks to its long-time popularity in artistic and freedom-loving circles.Top bloggers take this into account for their business.

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