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Best free fonts keyboards for iPhone

Best free fonts keyboards for iPhoneWhy would one need an app with new fonts?

We all use our gadgets for fun and brighter enjoyment of life, not only for urgent tasks or official communication. But did you know that users still remain conservative in some regards?

Using boring typical fonts is one of such annoying old habits we’re all stuck in. Don’t you want to enjoy your iPhone more? After all, it was meant to be the most modern and unique device!

Best Fonts No. 3. Font Changer

This app is favourited by many, thanks to its simplicity and availability of many free fonts. The ads can be removed for free as well. It offers colours and fonts for not too demanding users.Font Changer - Keyboard Fonts

People usually rate it high but admit its effects are a bit childish and primitive, so it can be recommended to either kids of beginners. There are already much better developed apps today.

Best Fonts No. 2. New Cool Fonts Keyboard

It’s no surprise why people chose this particular app. It is very well designed and can be called fancy and trendy. It offers amazing backgrounds for messages, beautiful and eye-pleasing.New Cool Fonts Keyboard

However, the very first option users seek in the new fonts app, is obviously new free fonts. This application, once again, offers not such a wide range of fonts, just already-known ones.

Best Fonts No. 1. Fonts Pro

This title speaks for itself, the app offers a real big bunch of professional fonts that can be used either for fun or for serious stuff such as designer works and more. That’s quite inspirational!Fonts Pro Keyboard

The majority of features are available for free, it is fairly eye-pleasing as well, and it is recently launched with enormous potential. All that guarantees Fonts Pro is the most modern font tool.