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Top facts about the thick fonts: best tutorial for the beginner

The bold fonts, or thick fonts are letters heavy enough to catch the eye and attract the audience easily. They’re irreplaceable for the logos, headings, titles, posters, and all the loud stuff in promo texts.

Get trendy with Grind

There are dozens of free stylish fonts with thick letters such as Grind, that look extremely stylish and modern. If you’re promoting some trendy products or blogs, such cool fonts are the best for you.

Get sporty with Pulse

Many sportive brands are choosing the massive fonts like Pulse, for announcing their special events and attracting more participants. These huge bold fonts are screaming about the high quality.thick fonts

Get funny with Bjola

There are so many reasons to be entertaining as an author, from writing for kids and their mothers to making a show for adults. In all these cases, funny fonts like Bjolaand Zufohelp a lot.

They’re fancy, imaginative, creative, and well combined with the same style patterns or images. That’s why such funny thick fonts are frequently selected by the top designers and bloggers worldwide.

Get nostalgic with Guster

Hundreds of retro fonts that are very thick and bold, are filling the text market. Guster, Ultra Violent, Pink, Brute are among them. It’s the best way to make your audience feel touched and sentimental.

Get urban and futuristic with Solida

Not many fonts can qualify as futuristic, but Solida certainly can. Other than that, most of the neutral font styles are close to the futuristic impression, for instance, such as Horizon, Integral, Haus, Torch.

Being in between the classical and contemporary style, these thick fonts are creating the unique atmosphere in their own way, and form the most attractive atmosphere for the folks’ modern blogging.

11 thoughts on “Top facts about the thick fonts: best tutorial for the beginner

  1. So what types of apps or websites offer free fonts? Websites and apps that mainly deal with typeface design usually offer them, along with other visual effects.

  2. The way the Web has developed over the years and especially in recent months, it is much easier than ever to find and use great fonts for your digital work.

  3. The problem with these two fonts is that they aren’t always recognized by different people when they try to look up word phrases in your font.

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