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The history and modern purposes: where to use the Italic font

It may seem to us we know everything about classical fonts, but then the facts come that really surprise us. Did you know why Italic font is called like that and where it was invented?

Like its name says, it was firstly designed in Italy, to replace the handwriting style in books and papers. But later all European and western typographies adopted this nice decorative font as well.

Today, Italic font isn’t just for a decoration or calligraphy imitating. It’s an official tool for composing business papers, scientific papers, and any creative works that should look decently.classic fonts

  • APA style. Students know how important Italic font is for their works. They should italicize the titles of books, reports, webpages, as well as all types of periodicals.
  • Titles in blogging. Despite the big variety of classic fonts, professional bloggers often use exactly Italic fonts for the titles and subheadings. It’s visually aesthetic and cool.
  • Dialogues and direct speech. Italics are traditionally used for indicating the dialogues or, let’s say, users’ brief success stories or shared memories. It’s quite convenient.
  • Focusing on smth. While chatting on Whatsapp and in other messengers, we want to focus a person’s attention on smth. Bold fonts are too intense, but Italic are perfect.
  • Tattoo texts. Although less popular in this area, special Italic styles are used in tattoo patterns and saloon advertising. Especially Monotype Baskerville and Maryleen FY.
  • Newpaper-styled blogs. Italic fonts are so perfect for stylized news, many bloggers use them for creating such an atmosphere. It’s rather an old London and Paris style.
  • Being romantic. For the beginners who create greeting cards and other sweet signs of attention for their loveys, most of Italic fonts are a long-searched solution.

12 thoughts on “The history and modern purposes: where to use the Italic font

  1. Although there are plenty of people who claim that they can write better when using italic fonts, it is actually not true. In fact, if you take a closer look at how many of these “superiority claims” you see on the internet, you will notice that they are almost all based on hearsay and nothing more.

  2. This might sound like bad news for you but it’s actually a good thing because it means that the majority of these claims are nothing more than marketing gimmicks. These claims usually have the following main points: italic fonts are easier to read compared to other fonts, they make your font stand out more, and they are more readable than normal fonts. However, each one of these claims is entirely based on nothing more than a personal preference. There is really no real proof that italic fonts are any better or worse than other fonts.

  3. On the other hand, there are certain advantages to using these types of fonts. For example, it seems that italic fonts are able to make text stand out and look much more professional. However, the reality is that these fonts simply make texts look less crowded.

  4. It has also been proven that italic fonts can actually reduce the amount of space between letters making text appear to be shorter. This will allow you to use less lines of text to get the same message across and help you make the most out of your words.

  5. If you do happen to find yourself with a text and are worried about how difficult it is to read, you might want to try using italic fonts to make it easier to read. But before you go and buy those fancy fonts, there are some simple things you can do to see which type will be best suited to your needs.

  6. The first thing you need to check is your type of writing. Do you write a lot of technical documentation or academic papers? Are you someone who is very specific when it comes to what words to use and what to use a little bit more? If so, then using a type of font will help.

  7. If you are more into the type of writing that is more general in nature, then you might want to go with something a little bit more standard. That way, you can keep your text looking much more professional and also save a bunch of time and energy going back and forth trying to figure out where the letters and symbols on your document go.

  8. Don’t let your type of writing to determine which type of fonts to use. Remember, they don’t have to be as stylish as they sound.

  9. The next thing to look for is the size of the font. Since some people like the larger font, other people prefer the smaller one.

  10. You’ll find that these days there are many different types of fonts available for use and it’s up to you to find the type that fits your style. If you have an idea in mind regarding the type of font you want, you can look at websites like FontShop to get some ideas or to even check out some sample designs.

  11. Some people like to have the fonts in a color scheme that is a little different than what is typical. You can even get them in all sorts of different sizes but if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for then go ahead and try out a few until you find the type that is perfect for you.

  12. In conclusion, you may want to consider using italic fonts if you have an idea about what kind of writing you need to do and need to make. You can also consider using them to keep your text from looking too busy and to make your text look cleaner and simpler to read.

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