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How to get more fonts for Kika keyboard?

fonts for Kika keyboardAll children and adults were happy when Kika keyboard was invented and became a part of our everyday gadget usage. It contains so many fonts and smiles already, must be enough for most needs.

Kika is perfect for everyone who are too busy for seeking extra opportunities and want to enjoy variety of options without much efforts. Typing on such a keyboard is awesome and fun.

One can set a nice background for his keyboard, add new images, symbols, and smiley to it, but all of that should be done manually, step by step. It’s not very convenient.

To get even more fonts and emoji for Kika keyboard on your iPhone, install an application with new fonts. They will become automatically reachable from Kika fonts

This additional opportunity makes one’s communication literally limitless in regard of decoration with different elements, expression of all kinds of emotions and desires, and so on.

Nowadays, we spend on typing much more time than we do on reading. Children have their own blogs since 6 or 7 years old, while teenage dating apps aren’t a rarity anymore.

Not talking about adults, who lead so many kinds of activities online, from romantic encounters to serious professional projects. We all are in a constant need of new fonts and other tools.

Although Kika keyboard for iPhone is a very modern asset, the new needs are appearing daily. To satisfy them all, unusual cool fonts applications keep on being developed.

Now plain texting turns to something really artistic, really business-oriented, perfectly assisting us in all hobbies, ambitious start-ups, or even intimate experiments.

Young poets, tattoo masters, heavy metal musicians, representers of other subcultures, as well as Instagram boosters and ads specialists – they all can benefit from Kika font changer applications.