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Type with your Top 10 iPhone keyboards, instead of copypaste!

fonts 2020Today, everybody knows all online activities and communication should be trendy. It can be reached with the help of the most modern tools, and we composed the list of them for you.Specialists have been analyzing the work of different applications for months, before assuming these particular keyboards are the best ones. Users’ opinions matter too.
Basically, experienced texters recommend to avoid the apps with certain typical flaws one can detect even during the trial use. A high price, bad design, unsatisfied reviews are among them.
On another side, it is better to stick with the apps that are well-designed, highly rated, offer a considerable set of options, and are compatible with all main social networks and messengers.
Nowadays, we spend our life texting and posting things, and it’s only natural we want to do this in the most stylish way. Become more unique with one of these best applications below.

No. 1 Fonts Keyboard

Fonts シ by Oxana Florea is one of the best font tools in the market. It’s free, it’s creative, and it doesn’t demand any additional knowledge. Just install and use!

Young bloggers are loving it, but it’s simple and intuitive enough even for oldies. New fonts are being added regularly, and the majority of reviews from real users are very positive.Fonts Pro Keyboard for any app

No. 2 Fonts Keyboard

Fønts by Freeplay Inc. is an app convenient even for toddlers, and it’s the main conception of the platform: simple and playful! It’s rather new, but already high-rated and appreciated by the users.
Fonts suggested by this app, are mostly used for making stylish posters, selfies, covers, unique profiles, and more. No complaints or heavy criticism have been received. The price is fair too.Cool Fonts & Emoji Keyboard

No. 3 Fonts Keyboard

Fonts | fonts & emoji keyboard by Yang Zhou is another cool app you’d like to have. It’s not for the smallest users but rather for young teens and adults, since its features are more various.

This app can be used in all kinds of messengers but especially on Instagram where the most stylish posters and memes are created with their help. All reviews are positive which is inspiring.Coolest fonts,symbols & quotes

No. 4 Fonts Keyboard

Fonts Keyboard Fonts Changer is perfect even for kids. The interface is extremely intuitive, and the choice is very big so even children can enjoy making their content unique.
However, the subscription isn’t free and one needs to pay for it monthly. Reviews on this app are so-so and admit a medium quality, however it’s too easy to use to underestimate it.Cool Letter Fonts For iPhones

No. 5 Fonts Keyboard

Fonts + by Vadzim Turyk has its own advantages not typical for other apps. It offers dark mode, supports multilanguage fonts that other apps don’t do, and works in all social media apps.
Since it’s so highly modernized, it is a bit more costly than other similar apps, but has a free trial period. However, it demands some extra space in the memory and is sometimes criticized.Cool Text - Font for iPhone

No. 6 Fonts Keyboard

Fonts + by Livintis W.L.L. has a similar title, but comes from a different developer than a previous app. It is kind of impressive since over 100 cool fonts are available and new ones are added often.
An author guarantees it is suitable for all popular apps without an exception, and there are no annoying ads inside. The app is rather cheap and can be used by the youngest kids after some explanation.Font Keyboard

No. 7 Fonts Keyboard

Fonts by Fonts LLC is absolutely high-rated. It isn’t too trendy or innovative, it doesn’t give huge promises to its subscribers, but it is definitely loved for the opportunity to use it for free.
All reviews are positive, people install the app for themselves and for their kids. New fonts are added regularly, and the platform is suitable for the majority of popular social networks.Fonts & Emoji Keyboard

No. 8 Fonts Keyboard

Good Fonts by Refero S.A. is free and that is why it is so frequently downloaded. A big variety of fonts is suggested for the users, it’s also simple enough for the 4+ kid.
The only disadvantage is that Good Fonts is rather a new app and modern styles of fonts aren’t added very often. But a developer is promising to improve all features in 2020.Good Fonts

No. 9 Fonts Keyboard

Cool Fonts – Fancy Cool Text is a real good app for beginners and professionals. It comes from an Asian developer and suggests many options indeed. Many fonts can be used for free.
Users consider the app simple and stylish, there are no adds, and a convenient text decorator is included. At the end, one gets all powerful tools for the most creative texting in other apps.Cool Symbols & Stylish Text

No. 10 Fonts Keyboard

Font App – Cool Fonts Keyboard is definitely a number one app for changing fonts. It has everything one needs: 150+ of fanciest fonts, very beautiful keyboard themes, and more.
The app is compatible with all existing social networks, messengers, other applications. It isn’t for toddlers, but rather for teenagers and adults since many professional features are available.Fancy Text & Background Themes
The pricing is average, while some options are available for free. It surely adds more attractiveness to this modern and useful app, and all reviews are typically positive.
It is noticed that a Font App – Cool Fonts Keyboard is used by famous bloggers and people with a higher social status. It’s surely a good sign and proves the quality of the platform is great.

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  1. Are you looking for an iPhone keyboard? Why not learn the basics and find out how to become the next most popular application? Type on a keyboard has never been easier, since it is possible to download a free iPhone keyboard template.

  2. I’ll bet you have typed a few sentences that end with a period and then added a comma and a phone number. You probably feel silly typing those two things together in your iPhone, but it is standard practice. This happens all the time to new iPhone users.

  3. You probably don’t even have an Instagram account. That’s okay. Just make a phone number with a space or the Instagram emoji. I know the iPhone keyboard will be perfect for this one.

  4. It’s okay if you don’t know what an emoji is, either. There are too many to list, but they are mostly pieces of text or symbols that represent sexual orientations, or photos, or snacks, or candy, or hearts, or cups, or lots of other things. For example, one of these days there might be an iPhone keyboard that translates the word “power” into the Instagram emoji. That would be awesome.

  5. If you follow someone on Instagram, you could type their name instead of their username. Your name would be at the top of the screen and the person’s name would be underneath. It would look something like a symbol for “happy.” If the person was online, you could hit the button in the center of the keyboard and instantly show the name of the person you were following.

  6. You can even use the same kind of feature for Twitter, but you won’t be able to hit the “follow” button in the middle of the keyboard to see the other person’s name. You can type their username instead of their name. The Twitter logo looks like a symbol for “who.” If you are following someone on Twitter, all you have to do is hit the “follow” button and then the arrow to the right of the user’s name to quickly see the name of the person you are following.

  7. Facebook lets you type the person’s name instead of the username. Just type their name with the appropriate accent marks (like “I” for an English accent). Facebook is kind of old school. To use this feature, you’ll need to add an extension for Facebook to your iPhone and keep it updated every day. In fact, you can download the source code for Facebook on to your iPhone.

  8. You can also use a feature for Twitter that lets you type their name. Just type the “@” symbol in the space after their username and your new Twitter friend will show up in the Twitter client. (If you’re using Firefox, you’ll want to download Twitter.crx instead of the Firefox Twitter extension.) You can do the same thing with Facebook friends, but Facebook has a Facebook Friend Manager instead of Twitter’s for this feature.

  9. How about printing out the pictures and picturesque selfies that you post to Instagram? You could type out the whole URL instead of just the photo. Just do a search for “instagram keyboard” in Google and you’ll find some great keyboard templates for the iPhone.

  10. Fonts are also helpful. Use a download of your favourite font for iPhone. But, for what you’re doing, the font you use is just a matter of personal taste. You may even get around to changing your favorite font to another once you get used to using your iPhone keyboard.

  11. Fonts are hard. There are millions of different fonts available for the iPhone. Some fonts will do for common use. When it comes to picking the right font, though, you might want to check the fonts section of the iPhone user manual, or search the Internet for more fonts.

  12. Or you can start with what you know works best. To learn the keyboard for Instagram, try the Instagram shortcut keyboards or the Facebook shortcut keyboards. Try the Rosetta or Avant Garde keyboard to see if it is just right for you.

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