Which fonts for Facebook to use?

Facebook has always been the largest social network, and raised the bigger number of questions from the users who wanted to diversify their messages, animate their photos, and so on. If you use Facebook often, you might know many of these questions remained without an answer, since both the desktop version and the phone application […]

Top new fonts and emoji for teenage sexting

Middle-aged people keep on using classical fonts and just around ten basic emoji, but teenagers will always be ahead with their futuristic demands and a quest for new adventures. It’s not a secret that some of the emoji are used in sexual context and for passing sexual messages. When a teenager is too young, it […]

How to use cool fonts for getting new subscribers

Chatting is always fun. Chatting on your new iPhone is double fun. But what if you use the fancy fonts and awesome emoji to make your conversation brighter? It makes things perfect! Experts recommend to use as newest applications as possible, because even popular ones, in case they aren’t regularly updated, may contain less progressive […]

How to change font in Telegram

Telegram is one of the most loved apps for its proven security, simplicity of use, and many helpful features. It is extremely popular both for professional and personal communication. For many, it comes as a surprise that Telegram usage can be made more entertaining. For now, however, it doesn’t offer a wide assortment of emoji […]