Type with your Top 10 iPhone keyboards, instead of copypaste!

fonts 2020Today, everybody knows all online activities and communication should be trendy. It can be reached with the help of the most modern tools, and we composed the list of them for you.Specialists have been analyzing the work of different applications for months, before assuming these particular keyboards are the best ones. Users’ opinions matter too. Continue reading

Which fonts for Facebook to use?

fonts for FacebookFacebook has always been the largest social network, and raised the bigger number of questions from the users who wanted to diversify their messages, animate their photos, and so on.

If you use Facebook often, you might know many of these questions remained without an answer, since both the desktop version and the phone application used to have limited features. Continue reading

Top new fonts and emoji for teenage sexting

hand emojiMiddle-aged people keep on using classical fonts and just around ten basic emoji, but teenagers will always be ahead with their futuristic demands and a quest for new adventures.

It’s not a secret that some of the emoji are used in sexual context and for passing sexual messages. When a teenager is too young, it shall be disturbing for parents, but it’s ok for older teens. Continue reading

How to get more fonts for Kika keyboard?

fonts for Kika keyboardAll children and adults were happy when Kika keyboard was invented and became a part of our everyday gadget usage. It contains so many fonts and smiles already, must be enough for most needs.

Kika is perfect for everyone who are too busy for seeking extra opportunities and want to enjoy variety of options without much efforts. Typing on such a keyboard is awesome and fun. Continue reading

How to chose the best fonts for WhatsApp

best fonts for WhatsAppThe leader among messengers, WhatsApp is a great solution for not-so-secretive everyday talks. We need it for romantic chatting, for files exchange at work, for any kind of picture exchange.

The developers of WhatsApp are constantly working on enhancing its safety level and adding new features. As a result, it provides necessary tools for creative and imaginative texting of all kinds. Continue reading

How exactly fonts and texting affect our mood?

cool fontsWhy calligraphy fonts have an impact on us

The majority of us are visual people. We perceive the information in a visual way, and that is partially why we spend so much time on our gadgets. But there is also subconscious info.
Good admen and marketers know about that and use different symbols with a special meaning in the logos and videos promotions of all kinds. There are many researches on how they affect us. Continue reading